• 1.Why there are air holes in final pellets?

    There are many factors, moisture, dust, or other impuries. 1: Firstly, confirm the moisture of raw material. If the raw material is too wet, add the dryer equipments before feeding. 2: Dust unit on the compactor is also good choice to remove moisture and dust. 3: Double stage with double vacuum systems and double screen changers is suitable to high quality final product requirements. Invest too much, high price. If the budget is okay, good choice. 4: Screen changer, Vacuum degassing system, high quality screw and heater, compactor. Check all of them. Need expecter help, leave message and pictures of problem machines, and I will ask for our engineer, and reply you soon.

  • 2.What should I offer for the most suitable solutions?

    Please provide the capacity you required and the picture of raw material, which can help us to confirm the condition of the raw material. Different materials have different processing programs.

  • 3.What kind of pelletizing process should be used in my production line?

    The pelletizing process depends on the MFI of the raw material. MFI: Melt Flow Index If the MFI of the raw material is over 7, the strand pelletizing line is suitable. If the MFI is less than 7, using the water-ring pelletizing system is better.

  • 4.Why does the output of the washline cannot reach what is written on the parameter table?

    The output capacity of washing line depends on the conditon of the raw material. If the raw material contains lots of dusty or too much moisture, the output capacity will decrease a lot. The parameter table is for reference only.

  • 5.Why is it sometimes necessary to add a Shredder in front of the Crusher?

    The rotating speed of the crusher is too fast to crush large size hard materials. So it is necessary to use the shredder to shred the materials to small size firstly. Then the materials can be crushed to suitable size by the crusher.

  • 6.What kind of material is suitable to be processed by compactor?

    Most soft plastic materials such as LDPE film, LDPE bags, LLDPE film, LLDPE bags, shopping bags, agricultural film, PP woven bags, PP tons of bags, BOPP, PET film and etc.

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