AWTech 120 Film And Bag Plastic Recycling Granulator System

  • AWTech 120 Film And Bag Plastic Recycling Granulator System
  • AWTech 120 Film And Bag Plastic Recycling Granulator System
  • AWTech 120 Film And Bag Plastic Recycling Granulator System
  • AWTech 120 Film And Bag Plastic Recycling Granulator System
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AWTech 120 Film And Bag Plastic Recycling Granulator System
  • ACE WashTech
  • China
  • 45 days
  • 100 sets

1. Fast machine delivery and installation.
2. Lower investment cost for a high quality and durable machine.
3. Configure intelligence and controllable system, can realize the whole system start/stop automatically.
4. Modular design, configuration can be adjusted according to the actual materials condition, especially suitable to materials in form of film, bag, tape, etc.
5. Longer processing length, optimized screw structure, to guarantee the final pellet's quality.
6. Higher output and lower energy consumption.

Raw material

granulator and pelletizer

Flow chart

pe pp recycling line

Technical specification

recycling granulator machine

granulator and pelletizer

Feeding and compacting unit

pe pp recycling line

Belt conveyor as well as screw conveyor and NIP roller, optional feeding method designed for different type of material.

Ferrous and nonferrous metal detecting and separating, to protect the compactor effectively

Sliding gate designed for compactor to control the feeding amount into extruder automatically, make ensure the extruder run steady.

The material got cutting, mixing and compacting in the compactor uniformly, to ensure the material heated and effectively.

Extrusion unit

recycling granulator machine

High efficiency barrel and screw used for extruder with excellent plasticizing result and high output capacity. Adopt high wear resistant alloy material to ensure 1.5 times service life of normal one.

Force double vacuum degassing system to get rid of the low molecular, moisture and printing ink effectively, make sure high quality output pellets.

High efficiency infrared heater can heat rapidly with continuous thermal insulation, more than 30% energy consumption can be saved than normal heater.

Diversified L/D ratio optional for different application. Multi-vacuum degassing system and double stage extrusion system help you solve the problem of recycling heavy contaminated polymer.

Filtration unit

granulator and pelletizer

Plate type, piston type, back flush type and automatic self-cleaning type filter, you have different choice according to impurity contents in material and your habit.

Plate type filter is cost-effective and easy to operate which mainly used for regular thermoplastic as usual filtration solution.

Large area filter can be used to ensure the filtration effect. Minimize the impurity content in the filtered melt and improve the quality of final pellets product.

Pelletizing unit

pe pp recycling line

Water ring pelletizer, strand type pelletizer, automatic strand type pelletizer, automatics strand pelletizer and under water pelletizer, ACE WashTech provides four different pelletizing solutions for you aiming at different MFI polymer will get different shape output pellets.

The uniformity, gloss and properties of final pellets can be ensured for either pelletizing solution.

Intelligent control unit

recycling granulator machine

Thanks for Siemens PLC and HMI, LCP series machine provides high intelligent operation system which is easy to operate and save man power.

PLC intelligent control system avaliable for remote diagnosis, control and monitoring to ensure that all user's systems can be updated and maintained and operated for a long term.

Weighing and metering system helps you monitor the output and energy consumption of production line in real time under different materials and production conditions. 

All data can be connected to ERP system for quantitative assessment.

What should I offer for the most suitable solutions?
Please provide the capacity you required and the picture of raw material, which can help us to confirm the condition of the raw material. Different materials have different processing programs....more
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